We believe that love and care bring out the best in our animals and we strive daily to give our very best to each of them. Our sheep have enriched our family in ways we never anticipated and have brought us many wonderful friends.

In 1990, after facing some difficult personal challenges, a long-planned and hoped-for dream came true when we purchased our first Border Leicester sheep.

Shortly thereafter, a wonderful black ram came into our lives. Full of grace and dignity, this trusting, gentle animal stole our hearts. He was the sire who is responsible for the black Border Leicesters that have become the basis for our flock.

By God’s grace and the support of our friends in the sheep business, our goal is to raise the best possible Border Leicesters. We do not measure success only, or even importantly, by performance in the show ring; to us success involves raising healthy animals with wonderful hand-spinning fleeces and placing those animals in the flocks of others who share our love for these sheep.


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